Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Curse of Al Davis

What’s worse than another ugly loss? How about another ugly loss which I’m in attendance for! For those keeping score at home, that would be five in a row that they’ve lost in Oakland. Maybe it’s the curse of Al Davis? Crap, he’s not dead yet, even though he looks it.

To be the psudeo-optimist, Jon Lester looked better than his pitching line. He got himself into trouble in the 2nd, and was about a foot from getting out of it not once, but twice. O-Cab had a bloop single, and Jason Giambi went the other way with a pitch and Bay was a couple of inches from a spectacular grab. But of course once this offense falls behind by more than a run, it’s over.

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone to the bright side of optimism completely. When Lowell came up with a runner at first and no outs, I set my camera on second base because I expected a double play ball off his bat and figured it’d make for a good picture. At least there Lowell didn’t disappoint.

I wish I could tell you all that everything was fine in the clubhouse, that the team isn’t down on itself, that they have confidence that they’ll pull it out. I can’t. They look depressed. There’s almost a “what’s going to go wrong next” air to the clubhouse. Maybe Remy needs to go downstairs to play air-guitar and dance to try and cheer them up, because right now I don’t think they could beat my division 5 high school team. As a fan it’s our job to get down on the team when they lose and get overly excited when they win. As professional baseball players, I think it’s their job to always think they’re going to win. Right now, that’s certainly not the case. Here’s some audio clips if you want to hear what I mean:

And some pictures from the game:

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