Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 NLCS-2004 Sox Connections

With Pedro pitching for the Phillies today, and Manny obviously on the Dodgers, there are quite a few connections to the 2004 Sox in the NLCS. Doug Mientkiewicz is on the Dodgers’ 40-man, but not active for the NLCS. Billy Mueller is currently an assistant to the GM for the real LA team.

Even though he’s not a member of the 2004 Sox, I also chuckled a bit when Miguel Cairo came up to bat for the Phillies last night. He was a member of the MFY in 04, and was involved in one of the most entertaining non-A-Rod-getting-soved-in-the-face regular-season moments of 2004. Hopefully we can get a repeat in 2009, cause seeing this again would be awesome:

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