Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sociedad neurotica de nuestro tiempo (Espasa Hoy)

I guess a half-billion dollars can buy happiness. When does Spring Training start?

Update: Not long after I posted I found this article from Joe Posnanski about the MFY payroll. Here’s a quick blurb:

The Yankees are not a big market team. They DWARF big market teams. They are quantitatively different from every other team in baseball and every other team in American sports. They don’t just spend more money than every other team. They spend A LOT more money than every other team. The Boston Red Sox spend $50 million more than the Kansas City Royals? Who cares? The Yankees spend $80 million more than the Boston Red Sox.

Read the whole thing, in a lot more than nine words he says much more eloquently why the MFY suck.

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  1. …and a $120 million buys you a first round sweep

    Comment by Frank and Beans — November 5, 2009 @ 3:33 pm

  2. Thanks for the link to Posnanski’s piece. I’m not usually a fan of his writing for SI, but he nails this one.

    What’s doubly frustrating is, you can’t blame the Yankees. Everyone wishes their team would do this. Pirate fans were tumescent a few years ago when Mark Cuban showed interest in the team. Not out of love for Cuban (though he is a local boy), but because they had a hard time believing Mark Cuban sans salary cap could fail to have a good team.

    The owners are making money; the players are making money. They have no interest in changing the status quo. A friend of mind wrote me today to explain how the Yankees are good for baseball. TV ratings and full stadiums when the Yankees come to town are always mentioned. Well, the TV ratings come with being the biggest market. As for the full stadiums, the increased crowds that would show up to see Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kansas City if they were any good and had interesting players would more than make up for the loss of Yankee fans if they were no longer wholly dominant.

    I’ve become an ardent salary cap supporter. Not because the players make too much money–though they do–but because I’d love to see everyone playing the same game.

    Comment by Dana King — November 6, 2009 @ 8:56 am

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