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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unhappy Holidays
Horses in the Air and Other Poems

Well it’s been over two months since my last post, and I’m still trying to block out the fact that the MFY

LA Casa Blanca/the White House
finally succeeded in buying another World Series. But it’s December, and as the NFL commercial from a couple of years pointed out, “the sun will come out tomorrow” since every team is now 0-0.

So let’s talk Hot Stove. OK, it’s kind of hard to have a hot stove that’s anything warmer than a baby’s bathwater when you have the GM meetings in Indy in December. In past years the GM meetings were in places like California, or Florida so the GMs could have a few Mai Tais out on the beach and find the guts to make big blockbuster trades (or maybe to allow Scott Boras to roofie their Pina Colada and sign Nancy

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Drew to a 5/$70M contract). The biggest news story to come out of the Winter meetings was Peter Gammons leaving ESPN for NESN and the MLB Network. For that you might as well save people the trouble of traveling and do the meetings by conference call.

Anyways, the Sox clearly have a number of big question marks going into the holiday season. The middle infielders are now set with the signing of Marco Scutaro to a 2-year deal. It’s going to be hard for Marco, but hopefully he’ll do an adequate job trying to fill the huge shoes that H1N1E6 left. So that leaves us with the following starting lineup:

C: V-Mart
1B: Youks
2B: Pedey
SS: Marco Scutaro
3B: Mikey Lowell???
LF: ???
CF: Tacoby Bellsbery
RF: Nancy
DH: Papi

Looking at that lineup I see four players entering/in their prime (V-Mart, Youks, Pedey and Tacoby), two who could be leaving their prime (Nancy and Scutaro — if he ever had a prime) and two players whose prime ended when they hoisted the 2007 WS trophy (Lowell and Papi). The problem, as I’m sure you all know by now, is that this free agent class doesn’t make any owners eager to break the bank. J-Bay and Matt “I can only hit NL pitching” Holliday are the only two players that deserve a long term-deal. There are no great corner infielders who could replace Lowell, who is rumored to be in a trade to Texas. Which means we could end up with Casey Kotchman as the starting 1B and Jeremy Hermida as the starting LF. Not even Beckett, Lester and Buchholz all pitching to their potentials will make this team a favorite for the AL East.

I know this is supposed to be the time when every team looks good and everyone has a chance. Bullshit. This is the bleakest offseason since Theo took over as GM. I hope he’s got an ace-up his sleeve (Halladay?), otherwise it looks like Sox fans are getting coal in their stocking this year. Happy holidays Sox fans.

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