Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day at Fenway
La Disciplina de La Caverna

Note: I know this is a few days late, but Kim and I went on a tour of ballparks right after Sunday’s game so I’m just getting to post this now. Pedroia’s 3 HR laser show last night may have been more interesting though…

Father’s Day requires two things (besides a child or a Dad): brunch and a ballgame. For this Father’s Day, Kim and I decided to treat our dads to both. For some reason, I doubt you care about the brunch.

For my Dad and I, it seemed especially appropriate to combine Father’s Day and baseball, since my Dad taught me to keep score before I could spell my name. We’d already hit up Wrigley for a previous Father’s Day, so there was only one stadium that could trump that experience. What Dad needs a tie when he can look out over the field from the tiny slits inside the Green Monster? Or attempt to get vertigo from the seats above it? (BTW, the Monster seats really don’t give you a great view. The only reason to shell out the money for them is to say you sat on the Monster. And maybe a HR ball…) Inside the Monster we both got to act like 10 year olds. “What’s this? How does this work? Why did Rachel Madow get to sign? How about if we take a picture like this?” We even got to spend an hour doing the most perfect Father’s Day activity, watching the rain cancel early BP. Every dad’s dream.

Sadly, he didn’t enjoy the game as much. Since he’s a Dodger fan, none of the games were good for him. In a nostalgic kind of way, the first inning for the Sox was perfect since it one of the most complicated innings I’ve had to score. Two base hits (neither out of the infield), one error, one intentional walk, TWO wild pitches, a force play at home and only a single run.

Buchholz was impressive in that “wow he looks like crap, but keeps getting outs” kind of way. Two years ago, he probably doesn’t make it out of the third. He had about 30 pitches after one inning, and routinely started off batters 2-0. But he threw just enough strikes (or Matt Kemp hacked at enough balls) to pitch 6 2/3 scoreless. Bard and Paps did the rest. To be honest, the Sox should have been able to pound Kuroda (who was making his first start off the DL), but a win is a win.

So Dad, thanks for the Monster, thanks for teaching me to keep score, and thanks for the Sox wins. Maybe next year I’ll just get you a tie and a Dodger win, but I’m guessing you still liked this better.

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  1. very nice blog. I was also there last Sunday to watch the Dodgers lose to the Sox. (was happy to have Joe Torre sign a baseball for me though!)

    Comment by diane — June 25, 2010 @ 11:18 am

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