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Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 in review: Sox vs. Yanks pitching
Filoterapia (Con vivencias)

In the spirit of my previous post comparing the 2010 pitching staffs of the Red Sox and the Rays, what about adding in the New York Yankees?

Let’s jump right in with the rotations:

Cristales del alma.: Volume 1
(click for full-size image).

If CC Sabathia wins the Cy Young this year, it will be a travesty of monumental proportions and plenty of us out here in Fanland will be …displeased. He simply wasn’t the best pitcher in his own division this year, let alone in the league (that honor belongs to Felix Hernandez, despite his team’s offense making a giant sucking sound every time he took the hill). But hey, wins are gaudy, and if your team scores 18 gajillion runs every time you’re up, you’re golden.

No, I am not bitter, TYVM.

The big picture here is that Boston’s rotation, despite sustaining injuries and ineffectiveness at numerous times throughout the season, was about two wins better than New York’s. A.J. Burnett has been a significant drag on their success this year, and is going to be *very* expensive over the next three seasons. Vazquez has been a fairly expensive innings sponge, but Hughes’ effectiveness and cheapness have made up for that.

How about the bullpens?


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A 2010 Retrospective — where did the Sox go wrong?
Adquisición y retención del conocimiento: Una perspectiva cognitiva: 40 (Educador)

Hi all — Matt has been kind enough to let me start posting some baseball- and Red Sox-related ruminations here on, so here’s to hoping it’s worth all our time. This may be the beginning of a Reverse Nate Silver for me (political blogging to baseball talk, rather than the other way around) but who knows.

I’m a lifelong Sox fan — some of my earliest memories are of the ‘86 playoffs, I leapt off the couch and over my dad’s head when Tom Brunansky slid into the corner to make the catch and clinch a playoff berth, and I laughed out loud and really hard in the middle of The Town when one of the characters threw away a joke about Jack Clark rolling over on the Sox. However, I live in the Twin Cities now, and no one else in the theater got the joke, so I looked like kind of a jackass. These things happen.

So where have the 2010 Red Sox gone wrong? As I write this, there are six games remaining in the season, and the Sox’ elimination number stands at one. Conceivably, the Sox could win out and the Yankees could lose the rest….all right, fine, I can admit it: it’s pretty much over, so let’s start in on the post-mortems. Starting with the current division standings:


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