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By Cary McNeal

Fact: Chocolate includes the alkaloid theobromine, which in excessive doses might be poisonous to people, and in even small quantities can kill canine, parrots, horses, and cats.
This implies that regardless of its identify, the Kit-Kat sweet bar isn't a suggested snack to your kitty-cat. i ponder what number cats have died due to this confusion.

Fact: the main germ-laden position in your bathroom isn't the seat or perhaps the bowl--it's the handle.
The answer: Don't flush. allow the following man fear approximately it.

There are "just the facts"--and then there are only the proof that would frighten the bejeezus out of you. and due to this little gem a WC e-book, you'll by no means examine the realm an analogous approach back, with no, er, dry heaving a bit bit.

From the sneaky fish which may swim up our genitals to the E. coli micro organism lurking within the very water we drink, traumatic phenomena are all over we flip. academic, wonderful, and undeniably frightening, this ebook isn't certain to assist you, um, visit the lavatory, yet it's sure to make it slow there more...informed.

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Mitchell Symons, This Book: . . of More Perfectly Useless Information (Harper Collins, 2005) . 53 FACT : Some scientists view love in terms of addiction, and they might be right. One study discovered that monogamous pairing is based in the same region of the brain as drug addiction. Losing your love can be like experiencing withdrawal. And for some, getting divorced can feel like taking ecstasy. ) Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. com. 54 FACT : Studies that examined what victims of a heart attack were doing and feeling in the hours preceding the event found acute emotional stress to be a common trigger.

Friday's only makes nutritional data available for "low-fat" dishes (under 500 calories and 10 grams of fat each) . There are only three such selections on the entire menu. On the bright side, your server today is wearing 87 pieces of "flair. com. CHAPTER 2 Every Little Thing We Do Is Tragic Human (Mis) Beha viors 51 FACT : More American teenagers are killed in car accidents than by any other cause, accounting for more than one in three fatalities. Risk of accident is highest in the first year that a teen drives, and increases with the number of teenage passengers in a car with an unsupervised teen driver.

76 40 percent of women admit that they have thrown footwear at a man. Women love shoes, so if she 's willing to hurl one at you, you know she 's pissed. FACT : > Bernice Kanner, Are You Normal about Sex, Love, and Relationships? (Macmillan, 2004) . 77 FACT : A Nevada couple were charged in 2007 with child neglect after their kids became malnourished while the couple played online video games for days at a time. Their eleven-month-old's hair was so matted her head had to be shaved, and her twenty-two-month-old brother had difficulty walking due to lack of muscle development.

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