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It gave the body and head a chance to get back together again, as the sewers flowed straight into the river. Only a complete body-and-head combo was allowed into the afterlife. 49 The Hideous Classical Period The largest monument ever built is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico. The huge building is more than one third larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Its construction began in the 1st century BC. 50 1001 Hideous History Facts Vedius Pollio, a rich Roman of the 1st century BC, kept a fish farm at his house where his favourite fish were fed the bodies of dead slaves.

Both the Greeks and the Romans played a game called knucklebones. The game wasn’t popular with sheep or goats… Many Celtic graves contain the bodies of an old person and several younger people. That’s taking visiting elderly relatives to extremes! The Romans’ worst defeat was in 53BC when just 10,000 soldiers of the Parthian army in Turkey beat their 40,000-strong army. Wealthy Roman, Marcus Licinius Crassus, was killed by his enemies who poured molten gold down his throat. Cleopatra once spent ten million sesterces (silver and bronze coins) on one dinner!

The ancient Egyptians used trained dogs to catch thieves, runaway slaves and tax evaders. That’s 20 slaves each! When the Egyptian general Phanes swapped sides in a war and joined the enemy Persians, the angry Egyptians killed his sons and drank their blood. In 356BC, Herostratus set fire to the temple of Artemis just so that his name would go down in history. The Greek government executed him and didn’t write his name in the official records. That didn’t work though, as we still know Herostratus did it!

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