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By Ash Law

An Age of Wizardy has arrived!

Magic is all over. no matter if it’s a hidden energy wielded by means of a mystery few or the power that powers a whole realm, magic is an important a part of any fable global. And now its secrets and techniques are yours!

Deep Magic: thirteenth Age suitable variation is for thirteenth Age avid gamers who wish new concepts that permit them to bend fact to their wills and practice excellent feats of sword and sorcery.

Designer ASH legislations (also the fashion designer of the Midgard Bestiary: thirteenth Age appropriate variation) brings an impressive number of new magic recommendations to the sport, including:

• 555 wizard spells starting from shrewdpermanent tips to summoning the area Serpent itself to wreak havoc
• four new type abilities that placed wizard spells in the snatch of each class—play an arcane ranger, a spirit-calling barbarian, a time-warping commander or face-stealing trickster druid
• 30 new colleges of magic together with the Cult of Ouroboros, the crimson Inquisition and the students of airborne dirt and dust, with instructions for developing your personal magical tradition
• five magical crusade thoughts: post-apocalyptic vril magic, the mysteries of the ley traces, a class-warfare arcanopunk crusade alternative, and more!

For GMs trying to find new fabric, or gamers trying to find personality customization recommendations, this large tome is the ebook you’ve been dreaming of.

Dive into Deep Magic this present day!

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DOOM OF BLOOD Ranged spell At-Will Target: One nearby or far away creature Attack vs: Automatic hit Hit: You take 5 damage each round until you end the spell. The target takes 5 damage the first round, 10 the second, 15 the third round, 20 the forth and so on. The spell ends when one of you dies or falls unconscious, when you willingly end the spell, or when you or your target flees the battle. Special: If your enemy has no blood or equivalent bodily fluid it takes no damage. Constructs of solid rock, bloodless skeletons, etc.

Miss: Damage equal to your level. Special: If you provide an entertaining and convincing narration of who the target was in life and how they react upon “waking up” as an undead creature, the GM may rule that the target attacks itself in horror and selfloathing while under the spell’s effect. The target does not need to roll an attack to damage itself. Adventurer Feat: You can communicate with the undead creature, and its save against the effect becomes 16+. You have no way to make the creature tell you what you want to know, and it might spend that time screaming, pleading for death’s release, or raging against the cruelty of gods and fate; but sometimes the dead reveal interesting things when given a chance to speak.

Special: Creatures that do not rely on sight as their primary sense can still perceive you, and may be wondering why you are invisible. Adventurer Feat: If the attack misses the spell is not expended and there is no miss effect. Champion Feat: Make the attack against two targets. Epic Feat: If you take 10 minutes to cast the spell you gain +10 to the attack roll. IRON FIST OF JUSTICE Close-quarters spell At-Will Quick action to cast if you do not attack on this turn; otherwise it is a standard action to cast Target: You Effect: On your next turn you can add twice the escalation die value to your attacks and to your damage, instead of just adding the escalation die value to your attacks as you normally would.

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