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By Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux

This compilation of principles, updates and participant info includes info on each element of seventh Sea.

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In fact, they see themselves as Théah’s last hope for salvation. Fanaticism can be blinding and the Inquisition is so caught up with saving everyone’s soul that they don’t realize how dangerous they’ve become. Someday we may stumble, and spear ourselves dead. Thank you. Professor Andrea Galia The Inquisition This section gives you a better idea of the mindset driving the Inquisition. No villains ever believe they’re doing evil and Cardinal Verdugo’s forces are no exception. The average Inquisitor doesn’t believe he’s abusing his power.

A clockwork hand. Only three of these have been found. This is the third. Fifty years ago, an alchemist found a way to attach the hand to the human body. His life and name were eradicated by the Inquisition. If your Heroes find a way to do it ( Wits + Occult TN 30 and Wits + Surgery TN 30 ), the recipient has 1 unkept bonus die to all Attack and Wound rolls involving that hand. Unfortunately, as long as the hand is attached, he loses one Rank of Resolve permanently, and the highest Resolve he can ever have is a 3.

This last theory is the most favoured at present, given the beings’ obvious strengths and incredible adaptability. The Syrneth Isles Annual Progress Report Professor Joseph McTavish Isle of Syrne Site Director To Headmaster Carleon, This has been another outstanding year for the Explorer’s Guild here on the Isle of Syrne. We have completed the clearing away of vegetation from Site A and commenced a careful study of its interior from top to bottom, and the initial survey and removal of debris from sites B and C proceeds on schedule.

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