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By Robert Crease

Listed here are the tales of the 10 most well liked equations of all time as voted for via readers of "Physics World", together with - accessibly defined right here for the 1st time - the favorite equation of all, Euler's equation. every one is an equation that captures with appealing simplicity what can in simple terms be defined clumsily in phrases. Euler's equation [eip + 1 = zero] was once defined by way of respondents as 'the so much profound mathematic assertion ever written', 'uncanny and sublime', 'filled with cosmic attractiveness' and 'mind-blowing'. jointly those equations additionally volume to the world's such a lot concise and trustworthy physique of information. Many scientists and people with a mathematical bent have a delicate spot for equations. This ebook explains either why those ten equations are so appealing and demanding, and the human tales at the back of them.

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The rest of mathematics is still present, but in the background. Although the first proof of the hypotenuse rule is traditionally ascribed to Pythagoras (ca. 9 The idea of proof seems to have originated in ancient Greece, and took hundreds of years to develop. It culminated in Euclid’s Elements, which presents mathematical knowledge entirely in the form of explicit, formal proofs. The proof of the Pythagorean theorem is the next-to-last one of Book I. In a right-angled triangle, the square on the side opposite the right angle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.

Right, Meno admits. I wouldn’t swear to all of the legend, Socrates says, but I’m sure it’s got grains of truth. Now that Meno is satisfied that learning is possible, the conversation reverts to the original question of virtue and how it might be taught. Socrates and Meno begin discussing who the teachers of virtue might be. They quickly run out of candidates, for they determine that neither the good citizens nor even the esteemed rulers of the city are appropriate. At this point a wealthy and powerful Athenian named Anytus joins them.

J. Bronowski, The Ascent of Man The original journey to the Pythagorean theorem is forever shrouded in history. But we have countless stories of its rediscovery, both by people who taught it and by people who rediscovered it for themselves. These sometimes have been such powerful experiences as literally to have changed the lives and careers of those who have made them. The power and magic of the Pythagorean theorem arise from the fact that, while it is complex enough that its solution is not apparent at the outset, the proof process is condensed enough to constitute a single experience.

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