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Those burdened / ladened English 34 -57 7 13 pp. made successors we may borrow 34 A Concise Dictionary of Qur'an 13 then seek 3 exile, migration 9 a wall, barrier 5 palm-tree 16 Is it not high time that ...? 6 you made expedition 20 and boasting 7 a circuit 20 and rivalry 9 malice, spite, need 9 poverty 9 give them preference 9 pv. ” 1 2 23 guardian 23 superb, possessing every greatness 6 free 3 wish to go back 7 you are at enmity 4 dl. two months 9 they backed up / helped 1 2 dl. they touch each other 10 examine them sixty 10 ni.

76 10 distressful 11 and pleasure, joy 13 (heat of) sun 13 14 50 fg. frightened, wild 14 51 lion 15 Fount of all Godconsciousness Fount of all 56 forgiveness 3/4 -THREE QUARTERS OF JUZ - 3/4 56 7 8 10 xg. fg. accusing, reproaching dazed eyes, confounded and eclipsed, darkened, buried in darkness place to flee to, refuge 11 no refuge, no safety 15 his excuses, pleas 22 24 25 fg. radiant, resplendent, beam in brightness and beauty fg. sad, dismal, despondent overcast with despair fg.

Fg. rent asunder, cleft pv. fg. blown away, scattered to wind as dust pv. fg. brought unto appointed time 12 pv. fg. deferred, set 13 day of judgement 25 place to draw together, receptacle that holds within itself 8 when is sounded 36 uncontrolled, without purpose 8 trumpet 37 semen 27 lofty, high, tall 14 to make smooth 37 pv. emitted, gushed forth 27 sweet (water) 17 I will oblige him to face 30 branches 17 painful uphill climb 1 31 flame, blaze 18 thought 1 32 fg. throws 22 frowned 2 mingled 32 sparks and scowled, showed displeasure, glared 5 admixture 33 22 (a string of) camels, marching camels 5 pv.

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