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Ehrenfest, suggests that the phase space relates to one molecule—hence the Greek letter μ. 32 2. STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS AND MECHANICAL MODELS typical cell of volume AY — Ax - Ay · Δζ · Apx · Apy · Apz. 1) In this way the study of the distribution of momentum components over the molecules has been made equivalent to the study of the distribution of points in the phase space. For a given network of cells, it now suffices to indicate the number of molecules, n, contained in each cell, the occupation numbers, in order to complete the description.

4 2 A.

Derive an expression for the intermolecular force from this potential. Does the r0 here continue to have the same meaning as the r0 in the Lennard-Jones potential ? 14. ). 12). Hence, determine the natural frequency for this vibrational mode. 4). 15. Compute the number, N, of molecules of H 2 0 contained in V= 1 cm 3 at atmospheric pressure and at a temperature of 7\ = 150°C; T2 = 4°C; T3 = —4°C. 0905 x 10" 3 m 3 /kg. 16. Determine the total number of degrees of freedom / = /tr + / , + /v for the following idealized molecular configurations, which are shown in the accompanying sketches, assuming that the connecting springs are both flexible and extensible: (a) homonuclear diatomic molecule; (b) linear, homonuclear triatomic molecule; (c) nonlinear, homonuclear triatomic molecule.

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