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By Moulavi Geragh Ali

In publishing this paintings, my leader item is to take away the overall and misguided impact from the minds of eu and Christian writers relating to Islam, that Mohammad waged wars of conquest, extirpation, in addition to of proselytizing opposed to the Koreish, different Arab tribes, the Jews, and Christians; that he held the Koran in a single hand and the scimitar within the different, and forced humans to think in his project. i've got endeavoured during this booklet, i think on enough grounds, to teach that neither the wars of Mohammad have been offensive, nor did he in anyway use strength or compulsion within the topic of trust. ** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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O Meccans! if ye desired a decision, now hath the decision come to you. It will be better for you to give over the struggle. " 39. "—Sura VIII. And the same was the case regarding the Jews. 104. "Many of those who have Scripture would like to bring you back to unbelief after you have believed, out of selfish envy, even after the truth hath been shown to them. Forgive them then, and shun them till God shall come with his decree. "—Sura II. 63. "But if they lean to peace, lean thou also to it; and put thy trust in God.

Stanley Poole quoted 62 46. Asma-bint Marwan 63 47. The story deserves not our belief 64 48. Abu Afak 65 49. Kab, son of Ashraf 66 50. Mohammad could never have had any share in Kab's murder 68 51. Sofian bin Khalid 69 52. Justification of Sofian's alleged murder 70 53. Abu Rafe 72 54. Oseir bin Zarim 73 55. The intended assassination of Abu Sofian 74 56. —The alleged Cruelties in executing Prisoners of War and others. 57. Treatment of the prisoners of war ib. 58. Law of nations regarding the prisoners of war 77 59.

The third was the battle of confederates, in which they had mustered an army of ten thousand strong. The city was besieged for several days, and the Moslems defended themselves within the walls of Medina which they had entrenched. These were the only battles between the Koreish and Mohammad, in each the latter always acted on the defensive. Neither he attacked the Koreish offensively to take revenge, nor to compel them by force of arms to accept his religion. These wars were purely in defence, not to redress their wrongs or to establish their rights.

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