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One was the establishment of national education systems. The resulting mass-literacy enabled the core to impose its culture and values through schools and the media. And then, in the second half of the nineteenth century, Before the First World War 37 with colonial expansion and rivalry, and the division of Europe into alliances came the increase in the size of Europe’s armed forces, providing for yet another melting pot. Industrial development needs three things: natural resources such as fuels, minerals, even water; capital, not only finance but land and machinery; and labour, including managers and skilled and unskilled workers.

96 In 1881 Greece obtained Thessaly from Turkey. Under the Convention of Constantinople redrawing the frontier, Moslems were to receive the same political and civil rights as Greeks, recognition of existing property rights and freedom of religion and public worship and no Greek interference in the organisation and management of religious bodies. 97 (b) Russia If Turkey was the weakest empire the most stable, whatever the level of nationalist discontent, was the Russian empire, a leading contender to 30 Regional Cultural Minorities in Europe take over from Turkey in the Balkans.

A) Turkey Of the three empires in question in the years following the French Revolution the weakest was Turkey. From its high-water mark when it controlled south-eastern Europe up to the gates of Vienna in 1683 its decline would give rise to the so-called ‘Eastern Question’ – which country or countries would inherit its mantle? During the nineteenth century a number of wars and settlements involving Turkey would take place with, each time, that empire diminished until, on the outbreak of the First World War, Turkey’s only European foothold was the area between Constantinople and Adrianople.

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