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Mango inflorescence contains which type of flowers a. Male and hermaphrodite b. Male, female and hermaphrodite c. Male and neutral d. Female and hermaphrodite 273. Mango is stored at temperature ( oC) of a. 6-7 c. 8-9 b. 7-8 d. 9-10 274. Mango seed lose their viability within a. 3-4 week c. 5-6 week b. 4-5 week d. 6-7 week 275. Mango variety resistant to mango malformation is a. Bhadauran c. Dashehari b. Chausa d. Landra 276. Most ideal method for top working in mango is a. Soft wood grafting c.

Albinism b. Stone fruit d. Dry Neck 156. Datepalm botanical name is……………… a. Phoenix dactylifera b. P. humilis c. P. acaulis d. P. sylvestris 157. Hand pollination is most useful in which of the following fruit crop? a. Date palm b. Grape c. Guava d. Mango 158. Vegetative propagation of datepalm is through a. Runners b. Suckers c. Slips d. Stolon 159. Head in fire and foot in water is associated with a. Date palm b. Grape c. Guava d. Mango 160. Date palm plant bears................. flowers. a.

Grapes b. ArkaMirdula d. Allahabad Safeda b. Jackfruit d. Coconut 195. Artocarpin isolated from jackfruit latex is basically a a. Protease b. Dehydrogenase c. Tripernoid d. None of these 196. Botanically fruit type of jackfruit is a. Sorosis c. Syconus b. Drupe d. Stone 197. Diclinous flowering habit is noticed in a. Date palm c. Mango b. Jackfruit d. Passion fruit 198. Viviparous seed are reported in a. Grapes c. Mango b. Jackfruit d. Papaya 199. Which is the biggest fruit in the world? a. Mango c.

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