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By Ian Johnson

Within the wake of the scoop that the Sept. 11 hijackers had lived in Europe, journalist Ian Johnson puzzled how any such radical workforce may possibly sink roots into Western soil. such a lot debts reached again 20 years, to U.S. aid of Islamist warring parties in Afghanistan. yet Johnson dug deeper, to the beginning of the chilly struggle, uncovering the untold tale of a gaggle of ex-Soviet Muslims who had defected to Germany in the course of global battle II. There, they'd been formed right into a well-oiled anti-Soviet propaganda desktop. As that struggle ended and the chilly conflict begun, West German and U.S. intelligence brokers vied for keep an eye on of this influential team, and on the heart of the covert tug of warfare was once a quiet mosque in Munich—radical Islam's first beachhead within the West.

Culled from an array of resources, together with newly declassified files, A Mosque in Munich interweaves the tales of a number of key avid gamers: a Nazi student grew to become postwar spymaster; key Muslim leaders around the globe, together with individuals of the Muslim Brotherhood; and naïve CIA males desirous to struggle communism with a brand new weapon, Islam. a unprecedented ground-level examine chilly warfare spying and a revelatory account of the West's first, disastrous stumble upon with radical Islam, A Mosque in Munich is as beautiful because it is essential to our figuring out the errors we're nonetheless making in our dating with Islamists this present day.

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