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For years, one of the difficulties in helping companies plan Flash projects was getting them to understand that, yes, Flash is Flash, but no, not every Flash developer can do everything in Flash. Even before Flash Player 9, the Flash Platform had evolved to the point where several distinct disciplines existed within it, including coding, design, motion design, character animation, and video and audio integration. qxd 11/8/07 4:48 PM Page 15 INTRODUCTION TO FLEX 2 APPLICATIONS As the Flash Platform expands, many people will make similar mistakes with regard to Flex.

Permalinking also ensures that content may be bookmarked by users and indexed by engines like Google. The storage and delivery of all information must take permalinking into account. Embedding is really most relevant for video. Services like YouTube have made video embedding commonplace on the Internet. It entails the creation of a small, stand-alone player that may access your video content. The player is shared with an easily copyable tag, which references a specific video through permalinking so embedded players do not die.

That is, it is highly unreasonable to expect your animators and your application developers to use the same tool for the creation of such different experiences with such different workflows. Over the past several years, the Flash development options have become more diverse and specialized. For instance, Adobe Captivate is a tremendous way to create simulation-based training modules. There is nothing you can do in Captivate that you couldn’t effectively emulate in Flash, but packaging those specific features required for simulation training in a separate tool means that creating those experiences is much more rapid (and in the case of Captivate, designed for PowerPoint-level users, it is also easier for lower-level developers).

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