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By Robert J. Bond

Bond and Keane explicate the weather of logical, mathematical argument to clarify the which means and value of mathematical rigor. With definitions of options at their disposal, scholars study the foundations of logical inference, learn and comprehend proofs of theorems, and write their very own proofs--all whereas turning into conversant in the grammar of arithmetic and its type. additionally, they'll strengthen an appreciation of different tools of evidence (contradiction, induction), the price of an explanation, and the great thing about a sublime argument. The authors emphasize that arithmetic is an ongoing, bright discipline--its lengthy, attention-grabbing heritage consistently intersects with territory nonetheless uncharted and questions nonetheless wanting solutions. The authors' broad historical past in instructing arithmetic shines via during this balanced, specific, and interesting textual content, designed as a primer for higher-level arithmetic classes. They elegantly show strategy and alertness and realize the byproducts of either the achievements and the missteps of earlier thinkers. Chapters 1-5 introduce the basics of summary arithmetic and chapters 6-8 follow the information and strategies, putting the sooner fabric in a true context. Readers' curiosity is consistently piqued via transparent reasons, functional examples, dialogue and discovery workouts, and old reviews.

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C) Give an example of an unbounded function on [0, 1]. Justify your answer. " Does this definition mean the same as the one given in Example 14? If not, explain how they differ. Could this new definition make sense as the definition of a bounded func­ tion? Explain. 14 CHAPTER I 9. MATH EMATI CAL REASON I N G A real-valued function f(x) is said to be increasing on the closed interval [a, b] if for all Xl, X2 E [a, b], if Xl < X2 , then f(XI) < f(X2)' (a) Write the negation of this definition. (b) Give an example of an increasing function on [0, 1].

An immediate consequence is that there is no "largest" real number. Although this fact may seem obvious from our intu­ itive grasp of the real number line, a formal proof of the Archimedean Principle depends on an axiom of the real numbers called the Least Upper Bound Axiom. ) You will often find that statements that seem obvious require not so obvious proofs. The starting point of such proofs are axioms, statements that we assume as given. You probably first encountered axioms in your study of plane geometry in high school.

2. For each of the following statements, determine if it has any universal or existential quantifiers. If it has universal quantifiers, rewrite it in the form "for all . . " If it has existential quantifiers, rewrite it in the form, "there exists . . such that . . " Introduce variables where appropriate. ( a) The area of a rectangle is its length times its width. ( b) A triangle may be equilateral. ( c ) 8 8 o. ( d) The sum of an even integer and an odd integer is even. ( e) For every even integer, there is an odd integer such that the sum of the two is odd.

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