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By F.E. Huffman

A vintage. capability to Cambodian what L.C. Thompson capacity to Vietnamese

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5 sonant systems of its daughter branches. It is hardly a matter of coincidence that it was the vowel system and not the consonant one that AV chose to serve as the main object of his rigorous criticism. , Gag. eš-, Yak. , and Chuv. iš- (p. 3 ). However, Chuv. iš- ‛to walk in the snow or in the dirt’ cannot be a cognate of other Turkic forms, since something like Chuv. 11 Therefore, Chuv. iš-, since it violates correspondences can only be a loan, and for the purposes of PT reconstruction the Chuvash form simply does not exist» [VOVIN 2005: 03].

14 Unless it is dedicated to particularly baffling general statements like «In addition, there are gaps. For example, reliable Turkic etymologies with reflexes of PA *m- or *ñ- are few and far between» [VOVIN 2005: ]. Last time we looked, there were 80 Altaic etymologies in *m- with Turkic reflexes (out of 5 ), each and every one of them featuring a regular development *m- > *b- in that particular branch; and 32 Altaic etymologies in *ñ- (out of 50) with the regular Turkic reflexation *ñ- > *j-.

Or The End of the Vovin Controversy For instance, according to strictly «mainstream» Dravidian linguistics [KRISHNAMURTI 2003: 2 – 22], no exact rules are known to determine when ProtoDravidian *c- becomes lost in South Dravidian languages (e. g. PD *cēr- ‛plough’ > Tamil ēr) and when it is preserved (e. g. PD *cēr- ‛join, unite’ > Tamil cēr). This is, however, tacitly acknowledged as an unexplainable irregular bifurcation of reflexes — implying that the reason behind it may lie, for instance, in dialectal interaction.

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