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COM+ is Microsoft's re-creation of its COM object-oriented programming framework. outfitted into home windows 2000, this can be an exceptionally strong and intricate know-how that consolidates the positive aspects of a couple of latest Microsoft instruments: OLE, ActiveX, DCOM, Microsoft Message Queue, and Microsoft Transaction Server. by means of pulling all of those disparate providers into one unified know-how, COM+ carry the promise of higher potency and extra different services for builders who're growing functions - both company or advertisement software program - to run on a home windows 2000 method. The call for for trustworthy and real-world application-based info on COM+ is very large, and to date significantly exceeds the provision of such documentation.This booklet will supply a coherent, unified view of the COM+ structure.

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In the good old days of 16-bit VB 3, the late-cretaceous ancestor of modern ActiveX controls, the VBX roamed the OS. If you wanted to add a new component to the system so that you could use it in VB 3, all you had to do was put a new VBX file in the C: Windows System directory, and that was all there was to it. There would be a new control on your tool palette which you could just drag and drop onto your form. I must admit, sometimes I miss the simplicity of this. Modern COM, however, is more exacting.

If you cut it down to its most basic level, you end up with the following: CoCreateInstance(CLSID_COMCalc, NULL, CLSCTX_ALL , IID_ICalc, (void**)&pICalc); Remember, our type library definition of ICalc was: [ uuid(638094E5-758F-11d1-8366-0000E83B6EF3) ] interface ICalc : IUnknown { Our type library definition for the Calc coclass was: [ uuid(638094E0-758F-11d1-8366-0000E83B6EF3) ] coclass Calc Here are the C++ lines: const GUID CLSID_Calc = { 0x638094e0,0x758f,0x11d1,{ 0x83,0x66,0x00,0x00,0xe8,0x3b,0x6e,0xf3} } ; const GUID IID_ICalc = { 0x638094e5,0x758f,0x11d1,{ 0x83,0x66,0x00,0x00,0xe8,0x3b,0x6e,0xf3} } ; 42 43 This represents how the GUID for the coclass Calc and interface ICalc are written in C++.

EXE program performs the registration behind the scenes. dll NOTE Note to VB Users: Registration is performed automatically when an ActiveX component is compiled. However, if you ship an ActiveX DLL (VBism for COM DLL) by itself without using VB's Setup Builder, the recipient still needs to register it in this manner. exe is a very simple program. It simply loads the DLL, looks for an exported function that all COM DLLs have called DLLRegister(), and the DLL does the rest. exe exits. 7. 7.

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