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By George Holochwost, Ellen Kiley, Exalted

The Verdant young ones of Sextes Jylis Performers and medical professionals with no evaluate, the facets of wooden are the naturalists and beast-tamers of the Dragon-Blooded Host. but those ever-growing Exalts are way over mere healers and beast-tamers. With their expressive mastery and their devotion to the Dragon of progress, facets of wooden are the roots of the Dragon-Blooded and the renewing fountain in their humans. The Ashen Bows of the wooden element ebook: wooden is the ultimate point ebook for Exalted - books detailing the differing facets of the Terrestrial Exalted. inside it lie the tales of 5 individuals of the Caste, from those that have simply graduated secondary university to the schemings of the heroic and dissolute Sesus Nagezzer. This e-book additionally comprises the recent magical powers, principles and artifacts that Wood-Aspected characters might want to declare their position between their humans as hunters and healers with out examine.

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For three days, the door remained shut, and she permitted no visitors. On the fourth day, she emerged. Redfoam was tied hand and foot and keelhauled until he was dead. Within a week, the other two ships were found and burned, their crews slain to a man. 37 EXALTED • ASPECT BOOK: WOOD What need have we the Dragon-Blooded of priests anyway? I ask you. We are touched, each and every one of us with divinity. We wield the very Essence of Creation with no more than an effort of will. Of what use is the teaching of some mortal priest, who has never once felt the thrill of shaping even the least Charm, to me?

It certainly doesn’t hurt to leave the occasionally exorbitant tithe in the collection box, so long as the Immaculates see it. They are men and women just as we are. They remember. The temple is a place of power like any other, and with power comes intrigue and opportunity. Anyone who does not attend forfeits vital ground in the struggle for power. Really, I ought to thank them for it. All the easier for me to press the advantage when my opponents don’t even bother to offer resistance. I am not a studious believer.

He went north with the legions against the Bull and was slain. I wrestled long and hard with the decision to include the third. I would truly hate to give aid to those who plot against the General, but in the end, it is my mission to chronicle her life in all its particulars and it is not given to me to choose what is and is not too scandalous to include. In the early days of her exile, Tepet Ejava pursued a pirate captain who had roamed the seas long years before Ejava’s coming. He was her first great quarry in the Southwest.

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