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By Nathalie Mazraani

This socio-linguistic research throws new mild on version and the defining of sign up in Arabic political discourse. The study is predicated on 3 dialects (Egyptian, Iraqi and Libyan) and on political speeches introduced by means of Gamal Abdunnasir, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Al Gadhdhafi.

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Ultimately we will refer to the MSA, the dialectal and the "shared" sets of vocabulary. 1 MSA MSA, the descendant of medieval Classical Arabic (fusha), is respected as such since it is a modern continuation of the language of the Quran, the vast literary heritage and the legal system. It is generally considered by Arabs "beautiful" and unquestionably superior to the different dialects: studies 1 have shown in a matched guise test that speakers of literary Arabic are highly valued in terms of "intelligence, likeability, religiousness and leadership" compared to those speakers of dialectal Arabic.

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