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By W. Kundt (auth.), Wolfgang Kundt (eds.)

This quantity is the documentation of the 1st direction on 'Neutron Stars, lively Galactic Nuclei and Jets', of an Erice university with a large astro­ actual scope. the alternative of the topic used to be made due to an obvious similari­ ty - under pressure already at prior conferences - of 4 periods of astrophy­ sical jet resources: energetic Galactic Nuclei, younger Stellar gadgets, Binary Neutron Stars and Binary White Dwarfs. They percentage vital houses akin to their morphology, excessive variability and massive veloci­ ty gradients in addition to - with a few inference - their vast spectrum, hypersonic outflow and core/lobe energy ratio. regardless of this obvious similarity of the 4 resource periods, rather diverse types were recommend for his or her description: (i) The significant engine of lively galactic nuclei has been often regarded as a black gap, not like the important engine of younger stellar gadgets and cometary nebulae which it seems that is a pre-T-Tauri megastar, a few six orders of value much less compact, and to the primary engine of planetary nebulae which mayor will not be a binary white dwarf. (ii) The elongated lobes, or movement styles, were usually interpreted as hugely directional stellar wind outflows while in a number of good­ mapped instances, the elongated move seems to be 'pumped up' via a far narrower channel, or jet, either within the extragalactic and stellar sources.

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42 C. M. GASKELL ~ CORE-DO~lINATED ~. 0 Log Wo (A5007 + A4959) Figure 2. Distribution of equivalent w~hs of fO III] as a function of radio type. Data from Baldwin (1975), Gaskell (1981) and Blumenthal, Keel &Miller (1982). 0 + A4959) Figure 3. Distribution of equivalent widthsof [0 IIIJ as a function of Fe II strength. 5. Data from Baldwin (1975), Gaskell (1981) and Blumenthal, Keel &Miller (198Z). I believe that these narrow-line differences are a strong reason for believing that core-dominated and lobe-dominated quasars are fundamentally different but Wills &Browne (1986) suggest that there could be a problem caused by the correlation of [0 III] strength with radio power (de Bruyn &Wilson 1978; Whittle 1984).

1986): IAU 119 (Quasars, eds. G. Swarup & V~K. Kapahi, Reidel), p. 317 --.. B. J. J. P. & Lawrence, A. (1986): preprint Seattle Weaver, H. J. B. A. Royal. Soc. 207, 889. G. (1985): Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. A. (1979): The Gold Effect, in: The Encyclopedia of Delusions, eds. Simon & Schuster, New York, p. J. (1977): Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 15, 1 THE QUASAR FAMILY - AN INTRODUCTION AND TAXONOMY C. Martin Gaskell Astronomy Program Earth &Space Sciences SUNY, Stony Brook NY 11794-2100, USA ABSTRACT.

While BLR II is responsible for producing the strong low ionization lines (notably Fe II - see lecture by H. Netzer). The two BLRs show systematically different redshifts (Gaskell 1982b) with the high ionization lines being slightly blueshifted. g. in Mrk 359 see MacAlpine et al 1985). The correlations between the BLRs and other properties of quasars will be mentioned in section 6. 5. 1 The Ubiquity of Broad-line Regions I want to assert in this section that all quasars probably have broad line regions and indeed that the presence of a BLR is an "almost defining characteristic" of the quasar family.

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