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By Frances Karttunen

Spanning the globe and the centuries, Frances Karttunen tells the tales of 16 women and men who served as interpreters and courses to conquerors, missionaries, explorers, squaddies, and anthropologists. those interpreters acted as uncomfortable bridges among worlds; their very own marginality, the truth that they belonged to neither world,underscores the complexity and stress among cultures assembly for the 1st time. The interpreters include:


o Do–a Marina (La Malinche), who interpreted for Cortes within the conquest of Mexico

o Sacajawea, who followed Lewis and Clark on their expedition

o Sarah Winnemucca, a U.S. military scout and Washington lobbyist for the Northern Paiutes

o Gaspar Antonio Chi, Maya Interpreter common for Yucatan

o Guaman Poma de Ayala,  eyewitness reporter of the destruction of Inca culture

o Charles Eastman, a Sioux doctor at Wounded Knee

o Larin Paraske, an informant for Finnish ethnographers

o Do–a Luz Jimenez, Diego Rivera’s version and a local informant to anthropologists

o Mar’a Sabina, the Mazatec mushroom shaman who turned a star within the drug tradition    of the 1960s

o Ishi, the final surviving Yahi Indian.




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Another patient they were treating was Sacajawea's child. He was now fifteen months old, no longer an infant, at an age of cutting teeth, eating solid food, and learning to walk. He must have been much heavier to carry than on the outbound trip, harder to keep still, problematical to feed. In late May he was stricken with a sore throat, swollen salivary glands, high fever, and diarrhea. The illness lasted more than two weeks and probably subsided in spite of rather than because of the cream of tartar, sulphur, resin, beeswax, bear oil, and hot onion poultices Clark applied to him.

Lewis and Clark treated the illness by bleeding her, laying on poultices, and having her drink some sort of bark tea. When things seemed to get only worse, Lewis resorted to opium. The situation was critical not only for her but for the baby, who at four months was entirely dependent on breastfeeding. With no wet nurse on hand to help, his mother's death would have meant death for the child as well. " 39 The illness ran its course, and Sacajawea appeared to be on the mend. She was able to eat nourishing food again and to get up, but before she was pronounced completely recovered, she had a relapse for which Charbonneau was blamed.

The road crested the Continental Divide and brought them among the Shoshones. The first people they met were an old woman and a little girl. Sacajawea was not there to interpret, but she had instructed them to carry red paint with them to paint the cheeks of people they met. This was understood as a sign of peaceful intention, and Lewis and his men were led to the main group of Shoshones. One of the men who accompanied Lewis was competent in the sign language used in the area and interpreted for Lewis while they awaited Clark, Sacajawea, and the rest of the expedition.

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