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By Athalya Brenner, Jan Willem Van Henten

During this Amsterdam-based quantity, 8 specialists on Bible translations current essays about the practices of translating the Bible for the current and the long run, via Christian and Jewish methods, in Western Europe and North the US in addition to within the former jap Bloc and in Africa. every one paper is by means of a reaction. members contain S. Noorda, J. Rogerson, S. Crisp, R.Carroll, M. Korsak, E. Fox, J. Punt, L. Sanneh, and different famous lecturers who write responses to the essays.

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64-65. ROGERSON Can a Translation of the Bible Be Authoritative? 21 copy of the Bible in English should be set up in every parish church in England. The authoritative nature of this Bible was indicated by the iconography of its title page. In the centre was the title 'The Byble in Englyshe': above the title sat the English monarch enthroned, and simultaneously handing copies of the Bible to the chief representatives of spiritual and secular power in the land: Archbishop Cranmer and Thomas Cromwell.

46-55) is reproduced here in parallel columns, with the Greek given as a point of reference. The choice of text, of course, is a deliberate one: a piece of Greek writing in uncharacteristically (for the New Testament) high literary style, and with numerous echoes of the Hebrew Bible—most notably, perhaps, the Song of Hannah in 1 Sam. 1-10. The selection of translations also deserves some comment: less in the case of the New English Bible and the Jerusalem Bible—which both include in their respective Prefaces explicit statements of their literary aims (see below for details)—than in that of the two individual efforts by distinguished classicists.

The first authorized Bibles to be produced in English were those of Thomas Matthew (a pseudonym) and the second edition of Miles Coverdale's Bible, both of which appeared in 1537 and bearing the words 'set forth with the kings most gracyous lycence',15 the king being Henry VIII. Ironically, these Bibles incorporated much of the surviving work of Tyndale, who had been betrayed and then executed in 1536. April 1539 saw the publication of Cranmer's Bible, or the Great Bible, which was in effect a revision of Matthew's Bible by Coverdale, the production of which was designed to enable the decree of September 1538 to be enforced, that a 12.

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