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By Jacob Albert van den Berg

The use and appreciation of Scripture by means of the Manichaeans is a box of analysis with many unanswered questions. This research bargains an research into the function of the Bible within the writings of the real Manichaean missionary Addas Adimantus (flor. ca. 250 CE), one among Mani's first disciples. an important a part of the publication is devoted to the reconstruction of the contents of his Disputationes, within which writing Adimantus tried to illustrate that the previous and New Testaments are totally irreconcilable.

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95 See n. . 96 See nn.  and . 97 See n. . 98 See n. . adimantus: a manichaean missionary  the title of Teacher later, namely after the return of Patticius to Mani. 99 . Adimantus’ missionary journeys Among the Coptic Manichaean sources from Medinet Madi, a so-called Acta Apostolorum Manichaeorum was found, which described the history of the diffusion of Mani’s teachings. These Acta were acquired by Carl Schmidt in Egypt in . 101 Another important source of Manichaean missionary activities, namely Mani’s Letters, seems to have shared the same fate: merely some not yet published fragments seem to have been left.

Adimantus: a manichaean missionary  tine’s remark. In view of the fact that the Greek abjuration formulae even confirm Augustine’s identification of Adimantus with Addas, we may provisionally accept Augustine’s rendering as being completely trustworthy. . The relationship between the names ‘Adimantus’ and ‘Addas’ Because Adimantus could well be identified with Addas alias Adda(i) we now need to discuss the relationship between the names. Merkelbach has proposed two possibilities. The first option (and Merkelbach has a slight preference for this first one) is that ‘Addas’ could well be a shortened form of ‘Adeimantos’: in which case, the shortening of the name may have caused the doubling of the letter ‘d’.

The Manichaean years as regards to the question when Augustine learned about Addas/Adimantus. adimantus: a manichaean missionary  . Adimantus = Pappos? 54 Carl Schmidt and Hans Jakob Polotsky, however, construe Alexander of Lycopolis’ remark in another way: Alexander could have meant that Pappos was the first to teach Mani’s doctrine in his academy: rather than throughout the whole of Egypt. 55 Modern students of Manichaeism, such as Michel Tardieu,56 Guy Stroumsa57 and Alexander Villey,58 have disputed Seston’s opinion.

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