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How the Cold War Transformed Philosophy of Science: To the Icy Slopes of Logic

This in-depth examine of the advance of philosophy of technological know-how reports within the usa through the chilly struggle files the political energy of logical empiricism and Otto Neurath's solidarity of technology circulate whilst the flow emigrated to the U. S. within the Thirties. It follows its de-politicization through a convergence of highbrow, cultural and political forces within the Fifties.

Demonstrating Science with Soap Films

Many people were involved as youngsters by means of cleaning soap bubbles and cleaning soap movies. Their shapes and colors are attractive and they're nice enjoyable to pay with. without les depth, scientists and mathematicians were attracted to the homes of bubbles and movies all through medical historical past. during this publication David Lovett describes the homes of cleaning soap motion pictures and cleaning soap bubbles.

Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation

In keeping with the reigning competition-driven version of evolution, egocentric behaviors that maximize an organism’s reproductive power provide a health virtue over self-sacrificing behaviors—rendering unselfish habit for the sake of others a secret that calls for additional clarification. Evolution, video games, and God addresses this conundrum through exploring how cooperation, operating along mutation and usual choice, performs a severe position in populations from microbes to human societies.

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Boreel wrote a letter to the French king in the 1650s—decades after the instrument’s invention—detailing its origins. A tube holds the convex lens at the proper distance from the objective lens and blocks out stray light (except for the light source needed to illuminate the specimen). No early prototypes of Janssen microscopes have survived, but a museum in Middelburg has a microscope dating from 1595, bearing the Janssen name. There are three tubes, two of which are draw tubes that can slide into the third, which acts as an outer casing.

A Leyden jar is nothing more than a glass jar partially filled with water, with a conducting wire projecting from its cork. (It was invented in Leyden, the Netherlands, in 1745 by the Dutch physicist Pieter van Musschenbroek, who nearly electrocuted his best friend during the first successful test run. ) To test his theory about the nature of lightning, Franklin published a paper proposing an experiment with an elevated rod or wire to “draw down the electric fire”from a cloud, with the experimenter standing in the protection of an enclosure similar to a sentry box.

Like many scientists, he showed an early affinity for mechanics and mathematical problems. As a child he was enthralled by the construction of a new mill in the nearby town of Grantham. He studied the principles that governed the various gears, levers, and pulley wheels, and he built his own water mills and windmills. He even built a 4-foot water clock out of a wooden box in his attic room. As a young man, Newton attended Cambridge University, earning his undergraduate degree in science and math in 1665.

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