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By Ken Jennings

At some point again in 2003, Ken Jennings and his university blood brother Earl did what millions of individuals had performed ahead of: they auditioned for Jeopardy! years, seventy five video games, 2,642 right solutions, and over $2.5 million in winnings later, Ken Jennings emerged as trivia's undisputed king. Brainiac lines his upward thrust from nameless machine programmer to nerd folks icon. yet alongside the best way, it additionally explores his newly conquered country: the area of trivialities itself.

Jennings had consistently been minutiae-mad, poring over almanacs and television advisor listings at an age while most youngsters are nonetheless observing Elmo and placing beans up their nostril. yet minutiae, he has came upon, is centuries older than his formative years obsession with it. Whisking us from the coffeehouses of seventeenth-century London to the web age, Jennings chronicles the ups and downs of the minutiae fad: the quiz e-book explosion of the Jazz Age; the increase, fall, and upward push back of television quiz exhibits; the nostalgic campus trivialities of the Nineteen Sixties; and the Eighties, whilst Trivial Pursuit® back made it stylish to be a know-it-all.
Jennings additionally investigates the shadowy demimonde of today's trivialities tradition, guiding us on a travel of minutiae hotspots throughout the United States. He is going head-to-head with the blowhards and diehards of the school quiz-bowl circuit, the marginally soused trustworthy of the Boston pub minutiae scene, and the raucous members within the annual Q&A marathon in Stevens aspect, Wisconsin, "The World's biggest minutiae Contest." And, after all, he is taking us backstage of his unbelievable 75-game run on Jeopardy!

But mainly, Brainiac is a love letter to the lifeless truth. What marsupial has fingerprints which are indistinguishable from human ones? What planet has a crater on it named after Laura Ingalls Wilder? What comic had the misfortune to be born with the identify "Albert Einstein"?
Jennings additionally ponders questions which are a bit extra philosophical: What separates trivialities from meaningless proof? Is being sturdy at trivialities a mark of intelligence? And is minutiae only a waste of time, or does it serve a few not-so-trivial goal after all?

Uproarious, foolish, enticing, and erudite, this booklet is an impossible to resist occasion of nostalgia, interest, and nerdy obsession--in a observe, minutiae.

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