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If Freeport is understood for whatever, it is pirates. yes, town has a background of attracting legal teams, corrupt retailers, and politicians—to say not anything of subversive cults devoted to insane and dreadful gods—but it is the pirates who infest the town and prowl the Serpent's enamel that provide town of experience its doubtful acceptance. From its first founding as a haven for buccaneers and cutthroats, tested at the pirate's code to realize an uneasy peace among voyages, Freeport has developed from a dirty little city to a sprawling urban of millions. but in that point, pirates stay the commonest and hottest of its citizens.

Buccaneers of Freeport returns to Freeport's roots and examines the colourful and aggravating rogues that roam the seas round the urban of event. Describing 8 pirates, many new, a few notorious, in lavish aspect, each one access explores the rogue's heritage, his or her ambitions and agendas, whereas hinting on the curse that retains them at sea and the treasures they shield. moreover, the pirate's key crewmen obtain wide recognition, offering them in all their crafty and brutality to respire lifestyles into the thrill-seeking corsairs. ultimately, the pirate send, allies, and enemies around out the bankruptcy, culminating with a crusade framework that will help you construct adventures situated on those a variety of characters.

The buccaneers defined during this sourcebook include:

• 3 Sheets Kimbal: An adventurous and brave corsair famed for his curious courting with woman Luck.
• Scarbelly: The dread orc captain of the Bloody Vengeance, despised and feared through concerned about his brutality and viciousness.
• Alfhild: A renegade warrior-maiden became pirate to flee an prepared marriage and the tasks of her homeland.
• Flynn the fast: An formidable privateer that seeks redemption via wiping out piracy in all its forms.
• Get o' Yarash: A nerve-racking send choked with crude and violent mutants and exiles devoted to the bloodthirsty god Yarash.
• Aesha Algosiél: a gorgeous yet merciless elf maiden who scours the seas for misplaced relics of occult power.
• Xian-Lei: pushed through vengeance and saddled with a dreadful curse, Xian-Lei prowls the seas waging battle on these he blames for the dying of his order.
• Scevola Hest: Cursed to sail the seas all the time at the ghostly vessel named the Black Contessa, Hest and his spectral team strike opposed to any they please.

Buccaneers of Freeport is a online game sourcebook designed for all roleplaying video games. loose from mechanics, its contents should be tailored for eco-friendly Ronin's True20 event Roleplaying or the other renowned RPG, making sure this sourcebook comes in handy it doesn't matter what crusade environment or video game approach you utilize. Francisco and Drac can have deliberate good stuff for Freeport, however the urban of event has continuously been and shall ever be the port of demand pirates world wide. discover their depraved deeds and heroic exploits in Buccaneers of Freeport!

Buccaneers of Freeport (PDF)
Authors: Ari Marmell, Anthony Pryor, Rodney Thompson, and Robert Vaughn
Format: 144-page fully-bookmarked PDF (10.1 MB download)
ISBN: 1-932442-97-9

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Alfhild and her warriors stormed the ships and in a swift but bloody fight, dispatched the barricade’s defenders and broke up the chains holding the ships together, allowing the other raiders to sail into the harbor. Kolmsgate was sacked and the raider fleet returned burdened with loot, with the largest share given to Alfhild and her crew. Eager for battle wherever they can find it, the crew of the Snow Queen also serves as mercenaries, aiding anyone who can meet their price. When the dwarf-citadel Alfhild Kraggenhold was attacked by the orc-legions of Martagg the Butcher, they sought aid from anyone they could find, Alfhild among them.

However, in joining she gave up clansman. It was a life that suited her, but her father had all ties to family and inheritance. As marriage-material other plans. A wily diplomat as well as a skilled warrior, she was now useless, and Ragnar’s clan was furious. Wulfgrim had cemented alliances with neighboring clans Wulfgrim himself was distraught, and begged his by marrying off his other five daughters to noblemen. As daughter to forsake her vows. She replied that though she Wulfgrim’s daughter, Alfhild was honor-bound to obey loved her father, no one could force her to marry against his wishes when it came to choosing a husband.

Truly, he was a brute, a heavy drinker, a braggart, and a brawler, which to many northerners are considered admirable qualities. He rarely bathed, and chased women constantly. His mind could not see further than the honor and esteemed history of his clan and to him, oathbreaking was one of the worst crimes imaginable. Ragnar’s despair has triggered a change of heart, and his days of wine and wenches seem to be behind him. Now, he dwells in Freeport, living the life of a professional fighter, performing in bouts at the One Ring to the cheers of the crowds.

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