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The Wisdom of the Knowing Ones: Gnosticism: The Key to Esoteric Christianity

If any workforce, which shared within the Christian secret, possessed the esoteric secrets and techniques of the early Church, it used to be the Gnostics. This order preserved to the top the excessive moral and rational criteria which confer honor upon a instructing. The Church as a result attacked Gnosticism vigorously and relentlessly, spotting those mystical philosophers as being the main ambitious adversaries to the temporal strength of Christian theology.

Bau und Entstehung des Weltalls: Naturwissenschaft, Technik und Religion

Dem Wunsche von Freunden und Bekannten m aller Welt folgend, ubergebe ich mit diesem Buchlein zwei in den letzten Jahren vor verschiedenen Kreisen gehaltene Vortrage hiermit der Offentlichkeit. Die beiden Themen entspringen, wie verschieden sie auch klingen mogen, demselben Urquell. Moge die Ehrfurcht, die uns bei der Betrachtung der Wunder der Sternenwelt erfullt, die rechte Vorbereitung sein fur die Vertiefung in den Gegen stand des zweiten Vortrags.

Incarnation and Myth: The Debate Continued

The parable of God Incarnate proved to be a arguable ebook moment in simple terms to "Honest to God" within the curiosity it brought on, with a view to take the questions mentioned in it a level additional, the seven unique individuals prepared a longer assembly with a bunch in their prime critics. This quantity is the results of their dialogue.

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May I strive diligently until I achieve my goal! May I be fearless in facing dangers and courageously surmount all obstacles! May I be able to serve others to the best of my ability! (Viriya -- Energy) 6. May I be ever patient! May I be able to bear and forbear the wrongs of others! May I ever be tolerant and see the good and beautiful in all! (Khanti -- Patience) 7. May I ever be truthful and honest! May I not hide the truth to be polite! May I never swerve from the path of Truth! (Sacca -- Truthfulness) 8.

May I have perfect equanimity! (Upekkha -- Equanimity) May I serve to be perfect! May I be perfect to serve! 29 Notes 1. An Awakened or Enlightened One. 2. , Thus who hath come. 3. Literally, the Worthy Ones. They are the enlightened disciples who have destroyed all passions. 4. The Teaching. 5. The Discipline. 6. Bhikkhu Silacara 7. Craving associated with "Eternalism" (Sassataditthi) (Comy) 8. Craving associated with "Nihilism" (Ucchedaditthi) (Comy) 9. Culakamma Vibhanga Sutta -- Majjhima Nikaya, No.

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