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By Fadwa El Guindi

A groundbreaking anthropological research of Islam as skilled by means of Muslims, by way of midday Prayer builds a conceptual version of Islam as a complete, whereas touring alongside a comparative direction of biblical, Egyptological, ethnographic, poetic, scriptural, and visible materials. Grounded in long term statement of Arabo-Islamic tradition and society, this examine captures the rhythm of Islam weaving throughout the lives of Muslim girls and men. Examples of the rhythmic nature of Islam could be obvious in all points of Muslims' daily lives. Muslims holiday their Ramadan speedy upon the sunlight environment, they usually obtain Ramadan via sighting the recent moon. Prayer for his or her lifeless is through midday and burial is earlier than sundown. this is often house and time in Islam--moon, solar, sunrise and sundown are all a part of a special and unified rhythm, interweaving the sacred and the standard, nature and tradition in a trend that's usually Islamic.

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Complexity in analysis makes nonlinear connections, deals with emergence, and covers holism. No claim is made here that contemporary ideas and practices originated out of one single point. Influences are neither simplified nor linearized. Hybridity of and among ideas develops out of a long and dynamic process. The claim postulated here is that a cultural region with millennia of processual development in contiguous civilizational traditions, such as today’s Arabic-speaking region, produces and shares ideas that are variably manifested in different forms and through practices that are ever changing.

136). With this Leach wove a journey from English time, to Greek mythology, to Kachin language, to Van Gennepian rites, to Durkheim’s society, applying the pendulum metaphor from Greek philosophy to ritual as a human activity that puts order in social life. It is about time. By invoking Van Gennep’s rites de passage (1960 [1909]) Leach brings ritual into the discussion on time (his debt to Hubert is obvious and should have been acknowledged). He links the formulation of passage from “a symbolic death, a period of ritual seclusion, a symbolic rebirth” to time.

This theory is the framework within which Islam’s rhythm unfolds. The book title By Noon Prayer: The Rhythm of Islam refers to a quality of Islam that interweaves space and time in a specific rhythm embedded in the very essence of the culture – a rhythm that Muslim people feel, experience, live by, think with, and internalize. It is about the feel of Islam to Muslims and the pulse of Muslims in Islamic communities. I contend that complexity is still not sufficient, as it does not convey life’s movement.

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