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By Victor Reppert

During this e-book Victor Reppert champions C. S. Lewis. Darwinists try and use technological know-how to teach that our global and its population should be absolutely defined because the made from a senseless, purposeless process of physics and chemistry. yet Lewis claimed in his argument from cause that if such materialism or naturalism have been actual then medical reasoning itself couldn't be relied on. Victor Reppert believes that Lewis's arguments were too frequently brushed aside. In C. S. Lewis's harmful thought Reppert deals cautious, capable improvement of Lewis's idea and demonstrates that the elemental thrust of Lewis's argument from cause can undergo up lower than the burden of the main severe philosophical assaults.

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This doctrine consists in maintaining that, if l\\O men differ abollt "allles, thcre is not a dis· ilgrccmcllt as 10 all)' kind of tmth, hut a difference of tastc. : 1 While subsequent ethic,,1 subjectivists m,,), not have found this comparison with taste in food a good an"log), to describe their position, m"jor figures like Russell and A. j. A)'er did describe their own view in just the wa)' that Beversluis refers to "s a straw man. In addition, some of the comments Beversluis attributes to Lewis appe"r to be eOlllmenls not "bout what all unbelievers sa)' and do, but anI), about what SOllle sa)' "nd do.

1 rootnolc. "John Be\'ersillii, C. S. ~ cllld lIu: Srclrc:il Ii" /(cJtimltll ncligiml (Cr;md Rapids, l\lich Ecrdm,ms, 1(85), pp. 83. C. S. I,,'wis, E/bJbelil t\m(:omIJl.! clnJ lhe t\rgulllf:rl1 (rom l{eclSoll 47 supern~tural c~us~tion. The most popular kind of natur~lism is known ~s materi~lism or physic~lism. M~teri~lism m~int~ins tlwt the b~sic subst~nces of the physic~1 world ~re pieces of m~ller, ~nd physic~lism m~intains th~t those pieces of m~ller are properly understood by the discipline of physics.

So let us formulate the argument once again: 1. No belief is rationally inferred if it can be fully explained in terms of nonmtionul cuuses. 2. If materialism is true, then all beliefs can be fully explained in terms of nonmtionul cuuses. >:'Scc cspccially Bc"crsluis, C. S. Lewis clud the Secln:", pp. 80-81. 111 our knowlcdge depcnds on the \'tlJidit)· of rc'lsoning. m cxtcmal world. 11 he says secms Jlcrfcctly compatible with the idea thai we perceive physical objccts dircctly, without pcrforming inferences in so doing.

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