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Calvin on the Centre explores the implications of varied rules within the considered John Calvin, and the impression of his rules on later theologians. The e-book units to at least one facet the idea that Calvin's perspectives are only biblical and unaffected by means of the actual highbrow situations during which he lived.

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18. 20 The Knowledge of God and of Ourselves nature of truth. You will light my lamp, O Lord. My God you will lighten my darkness (Ps. 17: 29), and of your fullness we have all received (John 1: 16). You are the true light who illuminates every man coming into this world (John 1: 9), because in you there is no change nor shadow caused by turning (Jas. 41 So far there is little to separate Augustine from John Calvin, though even in such passages there are differences, of course. Intertwined with Augustine’s remarks about the knowledge of God and the self are numerous comments in which he struggles with Manichaeism, as he was being gradually delivered from it.

41. 88 Inst. 1. 32 The Knowledge of God and of Ourselves what end, and how far, they may be lawfully enjoyed. Has the Lord adorned flowers with all the beauty which spontaneously presents itself to the eye, and the sweet odour which delights the sense of smell, and shall it be unlawful for us to enjoy that beauty and this odour? What? Has he not so distinguished colours as to make some more agreeable than others? Has he not given qualities to gold and silver, ivory and marble, thereby rendering them precious things above other metals and stones?

43 There is no doubt that the reading of these books, and the way in which they inspired or at least facilitated Augustine’s ‘ascent’ to God, is a high point in the narrative of Augustine’s Confessions. It emphasizes an element in Augustine’s understanding of the knowledge of God and of ourselves that is not present, in that form, in Calvin. 45 What exactly was their influence? We may try to answer this question by noting first how they did not influence Augustine. 47 Of course some of these references may be to Augustine’s standpoint at the time of writing, but not all of them can be.

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