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By Pieter van der Lugt

This quantity bargains with the poetic framework and fabric content material of the second one and 3rd Books of the Psalter (Psalms 42-72 and 73-89). it's a continuation of the Psalms undertaking began in OTS fifty three (2006).
Formal and thematic units reveal that the psalms are composed of a constant development of cantos (stanzas) and strophes. The formal units contain quantitative stability at the point of cantos when it comes to the variety of verselines, verbal repetitions and transition markers. A quantitative structural strategy additionally is helping to spot the focal message of the poems. Introductions to the layout of biblical poetry and the rhetorical centre of the psalms finish this huge examine. The 3rd quantity, facing the Fourth and 5th Books of the Psalter (Psalms 90-106 and 107-151), is in coaching.

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26–27: lnw, vv. 27a! (inclusion) vv. 22–25: pnyk, vv. 25a! hw’, vv. 22b! vv. 18–21: ˇsm, vv. 21a! root qwm, vv. 20a Concatenations. vv. sr, vv. 11a! wm´sn’ynw, vv. 11b! vv. 18–21: root ksh (pi‘el), vv. 20b! vv. 26–27: hrp/‘pr, vv. 23a and 26a resp. ‘wrh/qwmh, vv. 24a and 27a resp. 1 Partially left out of consideration ’lhym (v. 2), prep. b-, gwym (v. 3), suffix -k, ky, kl (v. 18), prep. l-, root qwm (v. 2 Totally left out of consideration root znh. (vv. ’n (vv. 23), l’mym (vv. 1 The caesura between vv.

You give us victory over our enemies (vv. 6–8); we praise you all day long (v. 9; a note of praise). III Description of present distress. Now, you hand us over to our enemies (vv. 10–13). You make us the taunt among the nations (vv. 14–17). IV Description of collective innocence and prayer for deliverance. Despite our distress, we remain faithful to you (vv. 18–21). Knowing this, why do you remain heedless of our misery? (vv. 22–25). V Summary: we are humiliated; rise up and save us! (vv. 26–27).

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