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The Ambassadors of the Unconquered sunlight tourists, diplomats and spies, the Eclipse Castes of the sunlight Exalted are the emissaries of the sunlight Tribe. but, those far-ranging wayfarers are greater than simply negotiators and retailers. With its figuring out of human nature and its abilities on the bargaining desk, the Eclipse Caste serves because the key consultant to the extra militant castes. The Envoys of Righteousness Caste publication: Eclipse is the 5th Caste ebook for Exalted - books detailing the differing castes of the sun Exalted. inside its pages are all of the secrets and techniques of the Eclipse Castes, from the ideal and unbreakable oath they could administer to their fragmentary stories of the 1st Age to the mastery of the social method that they wield. This publication additionally comprises the hot magical powers, principles and artifacts that Eclipse Caste characters might want to perform their diplomatic missions.

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