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"A personality e-book , In-depth therapy of the kiths, a glance at changeling courts all over the world, together with the Directional Courts of Asia"

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However, all Elementals were dramatically, and sometimes violently, transformed into their current states. These transformations are wildly diverse and often exceptionally strange. For some, it was an agonizing process as their humanity was literally burned away while they were roasted over slow fires that burned with all the colors of the rainbow and gave off exotic smelling smokes. For others, their transformation was an utterly painless but horrifying process as they were immersed in vats of strange liquids until their bodies literally, but painlessly, dissolved away into living pools of water.

Those who fail to entertain instead receive “lessons” combining excruciating pain with mental images of their failure. Neither reward nor punishment leaves any mark upon the performer’s flesh. Body-servants or concubines are rewarded and punished in the same manner. Other than the necessities of their jobs, the inhabitants of the Shining Metropolis never touch one another, and expect their servants to behave in a similar manner. These Fairest have complete freedom of movement, but if they ever step outside of the areas permitted to them, the metal in their flesh fills their bodies with intense agony.

She is effectively in a state of Twilight, like a ghost, and can attack or be attacked by ghosts or other immaterial entities as if they were both solid. Everything the changeling wears and carries also becomes intangible, but the changeling cannot make anyone else intangible, even if the changeling picks the person up and carries him (at that point, the other person would fall through her arms). While intangible, the changeling can freely walk or stick her head through walls, drawers and all other objects.

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