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Mutual Annihilation Should both sides simultaneously suffer 100% casualties, use the rules under The Winning Side for both of them. Over the next few hours, the two forces will reform several miles apart as the scattered survivors rally. Quick Casualty Determination The rules for casualties are deliberately simplified to permit fighting multiple battles in succession. Detailed calculations are deferred until the series of battles is over. After making the adjustments noted above, apply the final casualty percentage to the total TS of the entire force, rounding all losses up.

Richard’s side takes only 35%. Richard is the clear victor! I always say that, next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained. – Duke of Wellington This allows more rapid medical attention for the winner’s wounded: Reduce the casualties (if any) on the winning side by 5%. The survivors of a battle can regroup afterward – although this is easier for troops on the winning side! Below, all casualty percentages refer to the figures after considering the effects of pursuit, where applicable.

Repeated Indirect Attacks offer diminishing returns, however, as the foe will be wary of further tricks. 5 (round up); in addition, a force suffers an extra -2 battle strategy modifier if it follows one Indirect Attack with another on the very next round. Defense Strategies All-Out Defense: Don’t retreat an inch! A commander who chooses this option receives a +2 battle strategy modifier, and also reduces his PB loss by one should he lose the round. He cannot gain PB if he wins, however – and unless he wins by sufficient margin to take 0% losses, any casualties his side takes are doubled.

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