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Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil

The catastrophic oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico has introduced new cognizance to the large bills of our oil dependence. during this gorgeous and revealing booklet, Peter Maass examines the social, political, and environmental impression of petroleum at the international locations that produce it.

Every unsatisfied oil-producing country is gloomy in its personal means, yet all are touched via the “resource curse”—the strength of oil to exacerbate latest difficulties and create new ones. Peter Maass offers a brilliant portrait of the afflicted international oil has created. From Saudi Arabia to Equatorial Guinea, from Venezuela to Iraq, the tales of rebels, royalty, middlemen, environmentalists, indigenous activists, and CEOs—all deftly and sensitively presented—come jointly during this startling and crucial account of the implications of our dependancy to oil.

Crimea: The Last Crusade (Allen Lane History)

The bad clash that ruled the mid nineteenth century, the Crimean battle killed at the very least 800,000 males and pitted Russia opposed to a powerful coalition of england, France and the Ottoman Empire. It was once a battle for territory, provoked via worry that if the Ottoman Empire have been to break down then Russia may possibly keep watch over an enormous swathe of land from the Balkans to the Persian Gulf.

War on Land (The Britannica Guide to War)

Lengthy prior to they took to the ocean and air, warring factions engaged in land-based conflicts that concerned close-range strive against with rudimentary defenses and guns. As civilizations have complex, so too have their army options, strategies, and weaponry. ultimately this resulted in the improvement of refined land fortifications, hands, artillery, and missile structures in use this present day by way of floor troops.

Modern War: A Very Short Introduction

Battle is the main harmful risk confronted through sleek humanity. it's also one of many key impacts that has formed the politics, economics, and society of the trendy interval. yet what can we suggest via smooth struggle? What factors glossy wars to start? Why do humans struggle in them, why do they finish, and what have they completed?

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If you’ll come this way—” “All right, corporal. My pilot—” “He’ll be taken care of, sir. ” Scott nodded and followed the other into the bastion that thrust out from the overhanging wall of the fort. The sea gate was open, and he walked swiftly through the courtyard in the corporal’s wake, passing a door-curtain, mounting an escalator, and finding himself, presently, before another curtain that bore the face of Cinc Mendez, plump, hoglike, and bald as a bullet. Entering, he saw Mendez himself at the head of a long table, where nearly a dozen officers of the Mob were also seated.

For a moment they struggled there, fighting the cross-currents till the air had been displaced. Scott, peering through cloudy green gloom, saw Kane’s dark shadow twist and kick out through a gap. He followed. Clash by Night 45 Beneath him the black bulk of the boat dropped slowly and was gone. His head broke surface, and he gasped for breath, shaking droplets from his lashes and glancing around. Where was Kane? The boy appeared, his helmet gone, sleek hair plastered to his forehead. Scott caught his eye and pulled the trigger on his life vest, the inflatable undergarment which was always worn under the blouse on sea duty.

They carried high-explosive bullets fired from small-caliber guns, and were, as a rule, two-man craft. They complemented the heavier ordnance of the battlewagons and destroyers. Scott handed Kane a cigarette. The boy hesitated. “We’re not under fire,” the Captain chuckled. “Discipline clamps down during a battle, but it’s O. K. for you to have a smoke with me. ” He lit the white tube for Kane. “Thanks, sir. ” “Well, war has its rules. ” Both men were silent for a while, watching the blank gray surface of the ocean ahead.

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