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Chapter 2: Ranking and Reading a Hand 29 Tie hands Tie hands are more common in Hold’em than most other forms of poker because all the players at the table are sharing five community cards. In the event of a tie, the pot is split evenly between all players still in the hand. All players must have five identically ranked cards to tie, and the sixth and seventh card do not count. Aࡖ Aࡗ 2ࡗ 2ࡕ Kࡕ and Aࡔ Aࡕ 2ࡗ 2ࡕ Kࡕ are tie hands. Aࡖ Kࡖ 4ࡖ 3ࡖ 2ࡖ and Aࡕ Qࡕ Jࡕ 10ࡕ 9ࡕ are not. ) If the pot can’t be perfectly split and there’s a leftover chip (say $51 where the smallest chip is $1) the pot is split as evenly as possible ($25 to each player) and the extra chip ($1), goes to the player “closest to the dealer button,” meaning the first person to act among the winners.

Rank order of the unrelated cards determines the winner (Aces are high). So this hand beats A-K-Q-10-4 (all other cards tie, and 5 beats 4) but would lose to A-K-Q-J-4 (first three cards tie, but J beats 10). One pair This hand is two cards of the same rank with three unrelated cards. If two players hold the same pair, then the unrelated cards are compared to determine a winner. Two pair In this hand, you have two cards of the same rank along with two cards of another rank and an unrelated card.

Chapter 2: Ranking and Reading a Hand 23 Reading a Hand If you’ve never played Hold’em, you’ll find that getting used to how to read a hand takes a while. Don’t panic, just pick the best five cards of the seven. Straightforward hands Some hands are pretty obvious. For example in Figure 2-2, Dean has a pair of Aces, Jerry has a pair of Kings. The pair of Aces win. Figure 2-2: A pair of Aces beat a pair of Kings. Figure 2-3 shows two players with a straight. David has the high end with 10-9, Tina has the bottom end with 5-4.

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