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By John D. Mollon (auth.), G. Verriest (eds.)

Colour imaginative and prescient Deficiences VIII brings jointly info at the most modern tendencies within the following components of study: -Visual results of extreme lighting fixtures; -Effects of intoxications on color imaginative and prescient; -Ageing and imaginative and prescient; -Methods of exam; -Congenital defects; -Acquired defects; -Practical features; -Physiological bases.

This quantity is a ordinary follow-up on Volumes VI and VII released in 1981 and 1983 respectively through Dr. W. Junk Publishers.

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1l IJ... 50 o 50 100 150 200 Days Fig. 4. The results of the Rayleigh color matches. The fraction of red in the red-green mixture is plotted as a function of time in days. The zero point on the abscissa is the day of his first visit to our clinic. The open circle represents the midpoint for the unaffected eye. The closed circle with error bar shows the midpoint and the width of the acceptable matching range for the affected eye, respectively. characteristic responses were obtained. For the affected eye, slightly smal· ler weight for green was obtained for the 500 nm, 520 nm and 550 nm test light and for the 520 nm and 550 nm test light the reponses showed blue instead of yellow.

G. 54 COLOUR VISION IN PATIENTS SUSPECTED OF INTOXICATION A. PINCKERS (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) ABSTRACT About 700 patients suspected of intoxication or being on treatment were examined by means of elaborate colour vision testing. Optic nerve pathology was found with amiodarone, practolol, clioquinol, thallium, alcohol/tobacco abuse and steroids/cytostatics. Retinal pathology was seen in patients on medication with digitoxin and chloroquin. Both retinal and optic nerve dysfunction were found in patients treated with salazosulfapyridine, tuberculostatics and analgetics.

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