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By Kaveh Rajab Khalilpour, Anthony Vassallo

This booklet addresses the matter of establishing an optimum neighborhood strength community in a decentralized dispensed strength context. The booklet introduces a number of novel modeling frameworks to help a unmarried purchaser or a neighborhood of a number of end-user buyers in construction their optimum electrical energy system/network and working their very own neighborhood power process. The content material of the ebook is appropriate for college students, teachers and business practitioners learning or operating within the region of power administration and clever grid power networks.

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6 Smart Demand Since the beginning of industrialization, the demand for energy has amplified and accordingly energy exploration and utilization have increased to supply that demand. Not only has the quantity of energy demand increased, but also the quality of demand has notably transformed. Just a few decades ago, for instance, electricity outages were socially acceptable in most parts of the world. Over time, however, welfare expectations have increased and 24/7 power supply has become a default social expectation in many places around the world.

For instance, a family of five would end up paying more per unit of electricity consumed than a family of two, even if their per capita energy consumption was lower. On the other hand, ToU does not address overall consumption. Rather, it offers a relatively high tariff during peak periods, which could be fairer socially and more effective technically. Along with both ToU and IncB tariffs, there is a relatively new tariff, “controlled load” (CL), in which customers allow the distributor to remotely control their fixed 14 1 Introduction: Features of a Smart Energy Network wired appliances such as storage water heaters, space heaters, and pool pumps.

Historically, pumped hydro at large centralized power stations has been the dominant option for electricity storage, due to the notably lower comparative cost [33]. However, this popular and mature (see Fig. , residential and commercial). Batteries (along with super-capacitors and flywheels) are a feasible EES option for short- to medium-term storage (up to a few hours). Today, numerous commercial batteries are available, including lead acid, lithium ion, sodium sulfur, and vanadium redox flow, each with different characteristics such as energy capacity cost, round-trip efficiency, depth of discharge, life, discharge duration, cycle frequency, energy/power density, and environmental impact [31, 39].

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