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By Alan Alexander, Eric Brennan, Genevieve Cogman, Conrad Hubbard, Peter Schaefer

This moment directional complement offers Exalted's significant seafaring nations-Wavecrest, Coral, Skullstone and the Neck-and reintroduces the gender-role-redefining Tya and everybody's favourite Demon-Blooded pirates, the Lintha relations to moment version.

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SOLID SHELL The capital and only true city of the Neck lies on the eastern shore of the southern spur of Amphiro, and is built upon the quake-shattered ruins of a small First Age city. To ward off the rains of the frequent storms, the major streets of the capital are covered with arched roofs of translucent coral. As most of these sheltered streets fan out from the Coral Palace toward the beach, as one approaches from the east the entire city looks somewhat like a shimmering giant shell. The typical inhabitant of Solid Shell is bronze skinned with the gray-green hair of mixed Squalus and Smaragdi descent.

The civilized farms that extend inward from the coast never touch the deep forests. Traders must journey with armed escorts between the tribes and across the jungle, and many never emerge. Constant minor wars and feuds continue, despite the peace that the volcano gods were forced to impose. The only ones who can journey safely through the deep interior of Wavecrest are priestesses and those whom the priestesses escort. Merchants come here, and explorers, and Dynastic hunting parties, but the area is far from safe.

Commanding Officer: Captain Ballash Manhammer, on the Silver Gull Armor Color: Gray and blue Motto: None General Makeup: Five ships, each carrying 40 sailor/ marines; unarmored, but carrying swords, daggers and lightweight throwing spears Overall Quality: Excellent Magnitude: 4 Drill: 3 Close Combat Attack: 4 Close Combat Damage: 3 Ranged Attack: 4 Ranged Damage: 2 Endurance: 7 Might: 0 Armor: 1 Morale: 2 Formation: Relaxed The Wavecrest Archipelago, a Magnitude 6 Dominion Military: 3 Government: 3 Culture: 3 Abilities: Awareness 4, Bureaucracy 3, Craft 4, Integrity 3 (Religious Edict 3), Investigation 2, Occult 3 (Supernatural Etiquette 3), Performance 2, Presence 4, Stealth 2 (Spies 2), War 3 Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 4, Temperance 4, Valor 3 Virtue Flaw: Temperance Current Limit: 4 Willpower: 7 Bonus Points: 30 External Bonus Points: 4 Notes: The Feathered One and Buruku are sorcerers with legitimacy, while several of the mayors and sea captains are savants.

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