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By Nicolas Dugué, Anthony Perez (auth.), Gourab Ghoshal, Julia Poncela-Casasnovas, Robert Tolksdorf (eds.)

A community is a mathematical item together with a collection of issues (called vertices or nodes) which are hooked up to one another in a few type via traces (called edges). seems this easy description corresponds to a bewildering array of structures within the genuine global, starting from technological ones reminiscent of the web and world-wide-web, organic networks similar to that of connections of the worried structures or blood vessels, meals webs, protein interactions, infrastructural platforms akin to networks of roads, airports or the power-grid, to styles of social acquaintance resembling friendship, community of Hollywood actors, connections among enterprise homes and lots of extra.

Recent years have witnessed quite a lot of curiosity in the medical group within the homes of those networks. The emergence of the web specifically, coupled with the common availability of cheap computing assets has facilitated reports starting from huge scale empirical research of networks within the actual international, to the improvement of theoretical versions and instruments to discover a number of the homes of those platforms. The examine of networks is largely interdisciplinary and principal advancements have happened in lots of fields, together with arithmetic, physics, laptop and knowledge sciences, biology, and the social sciences.

This e-book brings jointly a set of state-of-the-art learn within the box from a various array of researchers starting from physicists to social scientists, and offers them in a coherent style, highlighting the robust interconnections among the several components. issues incorporated are social networks and social media, opinion and innovation diffusion, syncronization, transportation networks and human mobility, in addition to concept, modeling and metrics of advanced Networks.

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Similarly, the number of upvotes obtained by a user shows that such users have been providing reliable or useful posts. A positive correlation is expected as a nodes with a significant volume of upvotes should be more centralised in the network as well as closer to the different kind of users, as the community is comprised of users who would like to learn and share knowledge, it is reasonable to assume that the best voted users are likely to linked to the others. The Spearman’s rank correlation is a statistical measure used to test the direction and strength of the relationship between two variables [20].

To find communities in each network snapshot we used the algorithm [4] extended with a random walk [6, 7]. 3. Next, we applied the community detection algorithm for network snapshots built from monthly data. 4). Furthermore, even in cases when some nodes (users) happen to belong to the same community at different time periods, their community labels assigned by community detection at different network snapshots may not necessarily coincide. 5, left. Dark blue color here (marked by zero at color bar) indicates no-calls intervals for a user within the participants set.

Graph Laplacian is widely used to describe network structure, but its discrete nature complicates networks comparison. To compare network snapshots aggregated over different time periods we used dynamical systems approach similar to [12, 13]. Let us consider a network of N identical particles (nodes) connected by elastic strings according to an adjacency matrix A and described by motion equations Analysis of Communities Evolution in Dynamic Social Networks 41 N−1 x¨i + ∑ Ai j (xi − x j ) = 0 , (1) j=1 where xi is the coordinate of the i-th particle.

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