Download Computers For Smart People by Robert S. Swiatek PDF

By Robert S. Swiatek

A basic ebook on computing, with emphasis on what programming involves.

Table of contents
1. components of language
2. Our programming language
3. dossier makeup
4. A document program
5. dossier access
6. application abends
7. the net account display
9. extra Modifications
10. Assigning values
11. Updating fields
12. Programming standards
13. The zip code file
14. Programming creativity
15. including documents and calling a program
16. The known as application and using
17. Fuzzy math
18. Deleting accounts
19. universal statements
20. Arrays
21. Down within the dumps
22. Base systems
23. Sorting bubbles
24. A application in action

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Example text

If two people want to update the record with account number 395123867 at the same time, one of the two people will get to it first. Let us say that Pat is that person and he changes the zip code from 14225 to 14229, but he hasn’t done the actual updating just yet. Just before Pat completes the update Chris accesses the same record and the zip code still has the value 14225. She changes the middle initial from L to P and Pat does his update, resulting in the new zip code in the record. But then Chris does her update and the middle initial now is P but the zip code has been returned to the value of 14225, not what Pat had intended.

The solution may be as simple as backup systems on temporary generators so you won’t even feel the effects. Unfortunately it may not be that simple. You could be blessed with so few outages that it won’t even be a concern. Consider yourself fortunate. You won’t be able to live without backup of your files and systems. If you have programs that update files, backups at the appropriate time will save you from a great many headaches. You may need to restore files to some point in time but you won’t be able to do that without the right backup.

I recall a system that I worked on that had three positions for a transaction code when two might have been sufficient since there weren’t any transaction codes bigger than 99. That whole consideration of trying to save two digits for dates by using only two positions for the year instead of four is what caused the Y2K fiasco. I won’t get into that but you can see where time spent planning can save a great deal of time later. There is much to be considered and if you’re working on a project where all the ideas and design of the system are not firmly in place, it will be impossible to come up with a database design that will suit everyone and keep management happy.

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