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By Greg Lynch

Conan the Roleplaying video game has been generally accredited by means of players because the so much dramatic increase in gaming because the arrival of the d20 procedure. full of leading edge principles and fascinating options, it’s the main said RPG of the 12 months. the diversity of profitable Conan releases has in simple terms bolstered this, and Messantia – urban of Riches keeps that culture. Messantia – urban of Riches is the second one towns field set for Conan the Roleplaying video game, following a similar trend because the highly expected Shadizar – urban of the depraved. positioned at the southern coast of Argos, Messantia is a worldly buying and selling urban the place enterprise is king and any deal may be performed if the cost is true. This special field set not just contains 3 precise resource books, a superbly rendered poster dimension map in addition to a range of different place maps. Messantia is a sea port the place whatever can take place and plenty of adventures commence their tales in its winding streets and extensive quaysides. Written through intriguing newcomer, Greg Lynch, Messantia – urban of Riches is sure to be one other renowned addition to Conan the Roleplaying video game.

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It is tradition in Messantia for important 28 Gora McGahey (order #19251) 6 Order of Engineers (213) Clockmakers Guild (214) Musicians Guild (215) Blacksmiths Guild (216) Caravaneers Guild (217) Shipwrights Guild (218) Prefects events to occur outside, weather permitting. In the case of the Merchant Houses, this ritual is almost perverse, considering the secrecy that cloaks all other aspects of their dealings, but they observe it nonetheless. The signings of major new trade agreements or acquisitions of new properties always take place in the Plaza of Commerce.

Initially, a posting there was considered a voluntary hardship post, entitling the soldier to draw an extra 10% on his salary. But the reek of the garbage and the stink carried downwind from Redboots combined to create such an abominable, cloying stench that only a handful of the greediest soldiers would volunteer. Thus, the Ratwatch became a posting given to soldiers as a manner of punishment. These men do not draw additional pay, though the duty is still open to any who wish to take it for the money.

Central Tariff Office (210): This building houses Messantia’s main tariff office, co-ordinating the offices in Dustbiter and Dockside. It also acts as the central office for co-ordinating ship and caravan traffic and works with the Order of Engineers for all public works. Palace Patrol Station (211) Central Licensing Office (212): This building houses the licensing and tax offices for the city. All caravan masters and shipmasters that venture into or out of Messantia must be licensed to do business here.

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