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Cinnamon and salt and pepper \0 taste, Cover casserole d ish and place In oven to braise fo r 35 minutes. Add minted peas and cook lor a further 10 minutes. 60g (2oz) butter 6 chicken Marylands 2 tablespoons toma to paste or tomato Proven .. MI oz) dry white w i ne ~ teaspoon cinnamon 1 x 5009 (lIb) packet frozen Serve With mashed potato and steamed carrots Serves 6 peas, minted salt pepper stifardo (beef & onion stew) Ingredients lkg (2 Ib) stewing steak ol ive oil 1 large brown onion, cho pped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 400ml (14fl o zl fed wine 150ml (5 )1; fl ad brown malt vi negar 2 cups ( 500mll17 ~ fI o z) tomato Proven<;ale (r ecipe page 117) 1 cinnamon stick 1 bay leaf salt pe pper 10 brown pickling o nio ns Method In a saucepan, saute the onion and ga rlic in olive oil.

Serve With tartare sauce (ReCipe page 1271Serves 4 Aristos' Tip: If fish fitle ts are very thick, cut slits through thickest part. T his will allow the heat to penetrate and cook th e fish more evenly. chicken paprika Ingredients 2 medium onions, ch opped M ethod In a bowl, m ix the flour, papflka, sal t and pepper together. 30g (loz) plain f lour pepper 4 chicken Marylands JOg (loz) butter 3 teaspoons tomato pas te Coat chIcken In the seasoned flou r Melt butter in a larg e frvi ng pan and saute the onions until transparent Add chIcken and fry until lightly browned, Stir any remainmg flour seasoning into the pan, and add tomato paste, sugar and wa ter Cover and simmer for about 40 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through, Stir sour cream Into pan.

Make sure you throw a bit of extra ice on those and stack the big fish on the bottom," he said. I already knew that was the way to do it because he'd taught me, but I smiled anyway, threw in some more ice and kept going. A minute later he looked up again. "They might need a bit of extra ice," he advised, pointing to the sun, which was directly overhead. The fish were going straight into the processing room and would have only been in the back of the ute for another five minutes, but he still wanted more ice, so I shovelled in some more.

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