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By Ernest W. Flick

Describes approximately 4,000 cosmetics ingredients for business use, compiled from details from eighty four brands and vendors. The cosmetics and private care items has a $60 billion marketplace all over the world, and destiny progress is anticipated. within the US the industry breaks down approximately into: hair care, 20%; fragrances, 20%; skincare, 14%; make-up, 17%; deodorants and epidermis and physique creams, 10%; and oral care items, 10%. development is predicted in items focusing on ethnic markets and dealing ladies. The booklet lists the next product details, as to be had, within the manufacturer's personal phrases: (1) corporation identify and product classification, (2) exchange identify and product quantity, (3) Product description. additionally integrated are a exchange identify Index and a listing of providers' Addresses.

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Display exceptional viscosity building properties in high foaming shampoos and personal care products. CYCLOMIDE DL203/S: Lauramide DEA % Amide: 95 Form: Solid CYCLOMIDE DL207/S: Lauramide DEA (Lauric/Myristic) % Amide: 95 Form: Solid Outstanding foam boosting, stabilizing properties. Greatly enhances viscosity and performance properties in handsoaps and related cosmetic preparation. CYCLOMIDE LE: Lauramide DEA % Amide: 95 Form: Liquid Unique liquid Lauramide DEA. Exhibits the same excellent performance properties displayed by conventional, solid Lauramide DEA.

Used in the formulation of viscous shampoos, bath gels, and personal care products. SIPON LCP: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate % Activity: 30 Low cloud point SLS. Specifically designed for emulsion polymerization application where it promotes good stability and particle uniformity. SIPON LSB: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate % Activity: 2 9 Low salt, high foaming base used in the formulation of shampoos, bubble baths, hand cleaners, cosmetic emulsions, carpet shampoos, and detergent systems. SIPON SB: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate % Activity: 2 9 High purity SLS recommended f o r emulsion polymerization, textile scouring, metal cleaning, and agricultural washing.

ELFACOS ST builds a frame work in which both oil and water are lodged and anchored. ELFACOS ST has an excellent adsorbing capacity for water. Therefore emulsions with a high water content can be prepared with ELFACOS ST. Such emulsions, despite having a high water content do not tend to dry out at the surface. The liquid form of ELFACOS ST37 does not only ease manufacture but also has a favourable influence on the consistency and spreading properties of the emulsions. Due to its solid consistency ELFACOS ST9 is especially suitable for the preparation of decorative cosmetics.

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