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By Ka Kit Tung, Hu Yang (auth.), Eivind V. Thrane, Tom A. Blix, David C. Fritts (eds.)

The NATO complex study Workshop on Coupling procedures within the decrease and center surroundings held in Loen, Norway in may possibly 1992 used to be, within the estimation of it appears all individuals, a major luck. The 18 invited audio system incorporated the various leaders within the box and ended in the attendance of a big variety of contributing audio system and observers. the topic of the workshop used to be itself very well timed, given the expanding information in the overseas neighborhood of the sensitivity of the ambience to coupling among adjoining layers, diversified latitudes, and diverse scales of movement. It used to be additionally very necessary to assemble researchers with varied techniques to an analogous or related difficulties. for instance, experimentalists benefitted from the inputs of modelers and theoreticians in regards to the wishes of present types and the main urgent difficulties and unknowns. Likewise, theoreticians have been challenged to use themselves to lifelike difficulties and observed their theories established opposed to geophysical facts. those discussions ended in significant exchanges of principles and demanding situations to or displacement of traditional knowledge in a few parts. certainly, very likely the best advantage of the workshop used to be the publicity of many individuals to different components of study or ways to difficulties appropriate to their very own paintings. Workshop themes have been limited to dynamical coupling procedures in an effort to research growth in a comparatively focussed zone. however, the consequences awarded spanned spatial scales from molecular to international and temporal scales from seconds to decades.

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A t 1 /i m fro m S A G E I (1979-81 ) an d I I (1984-91) , averaged fo r th e period s December , Januar y an d Februar y ( D J F , left) , an d March , Apri l and M a y ( M A M , right). 5 . 35km i— R^I—r—1—i—i—R"N—t—I—i—I—I T i i i i I r i i I | 35 k MI —i—i—(—i—i—i—i—i—i—i i R i i ; ~ r —i—i— i—R 30KM - 25kmh 20kmh 15kmU 1 0k m 60s 3 0 s E q CONTOU R F R $ f l . 5 T O 11 BY . 5 T O 11 B Y , 5 Fig. 1 ( c o n t i n u e d ) . Sam e fo r June , Jul y an d Augus t ( J J A , left) , an d September , O c t o b e r and Novembe r ( S O N , right) .

Rui z nea r 4 ° N i n Novembe r 198 5 m ay hav e resulte d i n m a x i m u m val ­ ues occurin g slightl y nort h o f th e equato r durin g D J F , wit h a m o n o t i c decreas e i n maximum valu e an d equatoria l centerin g occurrin g throug h M A M , JJA, an d S O N (Fig. 1) . Not e als o tha t th e eruptio n occurre d m i d w a y throug h a p e r i o d o f Q B O easterly shea r an d th e m a x i m u m value s ar e correspondingl y large r tha n fo r west ­ erly shea r (Fig . 2 ) . Henc e significanc e shoul d b e attache d onl y t o th e difference s i n distributions a m o n g th e season s an d phas e o f th e Q B O , rather tha n amon g abso ­ lute magnitudes .

E . Veiga , 1992 : " S A G E I I measurement s o f earl y P i n a t u b o aerosols" . Geophys. Res. , 19 , 155-158 . Murgatroyd, R . J . an d F . Singleton , 1961 : "Possibl e meridiona l circulatio n i n th e stratosphere an d mesosphere" . Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc, 8 4 , 225-234 . O'Sullivan, D . J . an d M . H . Hitchman , 1992 : "Inertia l instabilit y an d Rossb y wav e 4 9 , 991-1002. breaking i n a numerica l m o d e l " . J. Atmos. , P l u m b , R . A . an d R . C . Bell , 1982 : A mode l o f th e quasibiennia l oscillatio n o n a n equatorial beta-plane" .

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