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By J. Frauley

Works of fiction provide complicated and layered social realities that may be deconstructed and creatively theorized during the analytic languages of criminology and sociology. Frauley argues for the usefulness of fictional realities for criminological theorizing and research and argues for a “craft-enterprise” method of theoretic perform. In constructing this argument he outlines the conceptual process, method, and social ontology of the "criminological imagination". this offers the root for investigating a few significant innovations of favorite and influential theoretical frameworks, leading to a number of unique interpretations of cinematic narratives. as well as illustrating theoretic research, Frauley presents for the bridging of concept and alertness and provides an leading edge and fascinating context within which to interact readers within the exploration of criminological conception and theorizing.

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The lenses are the analytic concepts that we must peer through in order to produce a description, explanation, or understanding of an object. This book argues for and develops a pedagogical practice that stems from the position that theoretical concepts must be crafted, operated, refined, reformulated, and possibly discarded; that this process is akin to a craft-enterprise; and that such a practice must be undertaken relative to an empirical referent in order to avoid theoreticism and representationalism, both of which plague much positivist and interactionist social science.

Com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 Criminology and the Fictional Social Reality Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen at the same expanding the range of objects to which criminological ideas might be applied. The call by criminologists such as Ruggiero, Rafter, and Ferrell to investigate the intersection of crime and culture, especially popular culture, is not without precedent in criminology. However, the desire and tools to do so are much more developed in other social sciences such as cultural studies and sociology.

The category “cultural criminology” is meant to refer to an orientation within criminology toward study of the symbolic realm of cultural activities, including the study of meaning, representation, or more broadly, various forms of cultural media. According to Ferrell, “Cultural criminology widens criminology’s domain to include worlds conventionally considered exterior to it: gallery art, popular music, media operations and texts, style. In the same way, it introduces criminology into contemporary debates over these worlds, and defines criminological perspectives as essential to them.

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